Mas Pòlit



Vilamaniscle / DO Empordà

12.300 bottles

Grenache (50%) Cabernet Sauvignon (30%) Syrah (20%).

harvest / The grapes were selected in the vineyard and picked by hand, colected into boxes.

ageing / Nine months of new fine grain oak barrels and the rest in the bottle.

terroir / Llicorella (slate).

bottled / Made in june 2022. Bordeaux style of 75 cl. and natural cork.

tasting notes / Dark violet colour with red roses and fuchsias touches, with elegant ending maroon. Medium intensity colour.

In the nose is intense, highlighting the balsamic and menthol combined with some toasted wood. Once aerated in the cup red fruit starts out, blackberries and tree strawberry. Finally the smoked and vanilla that remind they return and remember us his stay in the barrel.

Taste is fleshy, with a good body. The fruit is coming back, especially plum and blackberry, with powerful and balanced tannins. Finish with a mineral sensation, leaving a persistent and pleasant aftertaste.


The minimum order is 6 bottles, same or different wines. Orders will increase by 6 bottles, same or different wines.

Weight 1,5 kg